Shannon McRae was born with so many gifts of expanded awareness, that she has spent most of her adult years studying and integrating her awareness about her own healing gifts and special powers so she could be of greater service to humankind.

She is currently a writer, public speaker, consultant, vibrational healer - medical intuitive, and teacher. She received her doctorate in Holistic Nutrition in 1995. She previously received her degree in psychosomatic illness more than 25 years ago. Her undergraduate studies and work included psychology and she pioneered in energy medicine before it was called energy medicine, and was on the forefront of research in transference of energy from one person to another.








In this book, Shannon McRae, a gifted clairvoyant and healer, weaves case stories with cutting-edge science to describe her remarkable work with clients at the cellular level, from healing a headache and repairing an eardrum to removing cancer and alleviating depression.

Working in the tradition of Dora Kunz and Delores Krieger, cofounders of Therapeutic Touch, McRae emphasizes the importance in healing of positive thought, forgiveness, and the patient's letting go of emotional pain and resistance to health. Each of her examples is instructive, and each gives hope, no matter what the physical or mental condition might be. The epilogue shares Shannon's insights about life after death and the realm of unseen helpers.This first-person account of a renowned medical intuitive describing her experiences in helping people heal is aimed at everyone interested in alternative health in general and energy medicine in particular.

Have you ever felt that no matter how you word what is physically ailing you, the help you are getting from practitioners just is not the right one?  Have you felt like it just did not find the root of the issues you have with your body?  What is going on?  Need someone to help you turn the corner in getting help?  Sometimes all you need is to ask an intuitive outside of the current treatment process and ask what is deeply inside you that needs to be healed.  Can you take that leap?  What do you hide inside you?


Shannon McRae, Ph.D, medical intuitive and psychologist has written The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine which is her memoirs.  She talks about many cases where the physical or mental conditions were identified and treated with healing touch, positive thought, and other alternative treatments.



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One example of how nonjudgmental listening works can be provided by the story of a call I received from Edna, a very distraught grand- mother. She was concerned about her ten-year-old granddaughter, Amy, whom she described as a sweet, creative, and artistic girl who was very giving toward others. Amy was in a hospital undergoing tests to find the cause of a terrible headache she had been suffering from for weeks. The brain scan showed a cyst at the top of her brain. Amy not only suffered from awful headaches, but her skin had also become pale and she could not carry out her usual activities. The doctors told Amy’s parents and grandmother that they could not determine what to do, and they advised taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Edna said she knew of my intuitive energy healing work and that she had faith. I told her that the power of trust and faith between us must have a positive outcome, as in an answer to prayer. Edna agreed and asked me to begin long-distance healing work for herself as well as for Amy, which I did immediately. We planned to talk again in a few days, after I had had a chance to work in this way.

I called Edna at our appointed time a few days later, and she said Amy was still having headaches but was feeling more peaceful. During our conversation I received an intuitive insight: Amy’s difficulty arose from a trip out of the country. I asked Edna to find out whether Amy had traveled to a foreign country in the past few years. Edna said she had, and in fact, their entire family had spent vacations in Mexico and other South American countries, where they often swam in rivers and the ocean. I then told her that I strongly suspected there was a parasitic cause to Amy’s cyst and that Edna’s disclosure that they had swum in the waters there confirmed it for me. Edna became excited and said that she herself had suffered a major bout with a parasitic infestation in her intestinal tract after one of their family vacations during which she had been swimming.

Hearing this, I felt even more strongly that I was correct about the parasite. I also felt relief, not only because I had once again received confirmation about the power of intuition, but also because it was helping to solve the puzzle of Amy’s condition. After the phone call, I continued the healing energy work for Edna. Her intent was to be calm and more present in a balanced way for Amy and the rest of the family. At the beginning of the healing session, as I tuned in I could see that Edna was carrying enormous stress. I put myself in a place of peace and calm and then channeled that energy to Edna. I focused on sending this energy to her for ten minutes a day for several days. At the same time, I worked on the cyst in Amy’s brain, visualizing it decreasing in size. I did this for twenty to thirty minutes a day for two weeks.

I knew that the cyst in Amy’s brain was creating an emergency situation, but I did not want to alarm Edna by saying so. Because of the danger the cyst posed, I spent more time than usual sending healing energies and working with diminishing it. As each day passed, I could see the cyst decreasing in size.

Edna called me two weeks later and reported that Amy’s headaches had gradually subsided in conjunction with each session of energy healing I did for her. Edna had also talked with her son, Amy’s father, about the possible parasitic cause of Amy’s cyst. The father conveyed this information to the doctors, who then called in a specialist. The specialist ordered another brain scan for Amy. This scan showed that the cyst was smaller than it had been two weeks earlier; nevertheless, the doctor prescribed some medication.

By the time of this last scan, Amy had begun feeling much better. Her headaches were completely gone, her complexion was no longer pale, and she was slowly returning to her usual activities. Since then, she has continued to grow stronger, and I am heartened to know that Amy will lead a wonderful life, sharing her sunny disposition everywhere she goes.

It seems so apparent to me that working together with Edna enabled the healing for Amy to take place so well. It was our intent for healing, as well as the knowledge that a greater Source was behind it all, that made the healing possible.

I have long felt my greatest purpose in life is to help others in their healing processes to the best of my ability. If I had not had my earlier hospice experiences with very critically ill people, I would not have gained the presence of mind, faith, and trust to offer what I feel I can do to be of help. Also, my experience as a therapist and my intuitive abilities are not so very uncommon anymore. Such abilities are increasingly emerging among people today as they are more recognized and accepted. As astrophysicist Bernard Haisch asserts in his book The Purpose-Guided Universe, “All humans possess a capacity to intuitively perceive the true multifaceted nature of ourselves and the greater reality.”

This material was reproduced by permission of Quest Books, the imprint of The Theosophical Publishing House ( from The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive by Shannon McRae, PhD, with Scott E. Miners, © 2015 by Shannon McRae and Scott E. Miners.

Published by Quest Books.

This book has been published in Germany, India and soon Spain!









Using EFT for Dry Eyes

Shannon McRae provides an encouraging case history for this difficult ailment.


By Shannon McRae, PhD

I received some wonderful news last evening when one of my clients called to say that her eyes were no longer hurting and becoming dry after doing the suggested tapping sequence I had given her several weeks ago.

(Possible EFT approaches here would be to start addressing the symptoms: "Even though my eyes are dry...", "Even though I'm not producing enough fluid for my eyes...", "Even though my body produces adequate fluids everywhere else...." Also, as Shannon indicates below, it would be very important to go back to the SPECIFIC EVENTS in one's life that would represent the likely causes. This can help add permanence to the relief)

Her dry eyes were causing excruciating pain for years, on an ongoing basis. At her wit's end she went to an ophthalmologist who put in "plugs" in the tear ducts to reduce the amount of moisture that could escape. The plugs didn't work more than a few weeks.
I suggested that she try the EFT tapping, telling her of the many successes with the tapping. She was willing to do anything to keep her eyes moist, and with a passion, began the tapping for her eyes. She said she had some fear that it wouldn't work, but after a few weeks decided to tell me how successful the tapping is for her, and she is now ready to use it for something else!
It is my thought that now that her eye fluid is "normal" and the pain gone, that she can and will work on some deeper issues that might have led to this condition. Again, it WORKS!

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