Shannon McRae was born with so many gifts of expanded awareness, that she has spent most of her adult years studying and integrating her awareness about her own healing gifts and special powers so she could be of greater service to humankind.

She is currently a writer, public speaker, consultant, vibrational healer - medical intuitive, and teacher. She received her doctorate in Holistic Nutrition in 1995. She previously received her degree in psychosomatic illness more than 25 years ago. Her undergraduate studies and work included psychology and she pioneered in energy medicine before it was called energy medicine, and was on the forefront of research in transference of energy from one person to another.



Using EFT for Dry Eyes

Shannon McRae provides an encouraging case history for this difficult ailment.


By Shannon McRae, PhD

I received some wonderful news last evening when one of my clients called to say that her eyes were no longer hurting and becoming dry after doing the suggested tapping sequence I had given her several weeks ago.

(Possible EFT approaches here would be to start addressing the symptoms: "Even though my eyes are dry...", "Even though I'm not producing enough fluid for my eyes...", "Even though my body produces adequate fluids everywhere else...." Also, as Shannon indicates below, it would be very important to go back to the SPECIFIC EVENTS in one's life that would represent the likely causes. This can help add permanence to the relief)

Her dry eyes were causing excruciating pain for years, on an ongoing basis. At her wit's end she went to an ophthalmologist who put in "plugs" in the tear ducts to reduce the amount of moisture that could escape. The plugs didn't work more than a few weeks.
I suggested that she try the EFT tapping, telling her of the many successes with the tapping. She was willing to do anything to keep her eyes moist, and with a passion, began the tapping for her eyes. She said she had some fear that it wouldn't work, but after a few weeks decided to tell me how successful the tapping is for her, and she is now ready to use it for something else!
It is my thought that now that her eye fluid is "normal" and the pain gone, that she can and will work on some deeper issues that might have led to this condition. Again, it WORKS!

Shannon McRae, PhD
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